Sir, I do believe you gain 10+ points.
No one ever does come here :'( BUT YOU DID...
you did.

and YES I MISS THIS CLASS. Now language arts... we DO stuff... we write essays that are about why we like/dislike facebook -_-
Mr Dean's essay assignments >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> all other teacher's essay assignments.
Oh well... If Mr Dean ever sees this.. he should know.




- Ryan Carey


I saw it Ryan! - Shiv
I came here wondering if anyone still came here, and you did ha!
Don't you miss this class?
Post Scriptum - Like I was actually going to work on my idiotic research paper...


Hello there,
Ryan Carey here.
This website is fun. AND STUFF. and I am currently supposed to be writing an essay in language arts.
Instead, I opted to come on here,and post whatever i felt necessary.

No one will ever see this. Which upsets me to my core.

Things that might be of interest:


You're Not Special

Poems to turn in:
Angry,funny, poem of adoration, perspective, two to three paintings, google maps, the man (I think only 4th and 7th), classroom object
Here are some of the paintings:
Trails of Dreams
Emperor Jones
Supremasist Exhibition

This was from a while back, but don't think I showed it to everybody:

Here are the two poems that we watched in class from Russell Simmons' Brave New Voices:

Here is a link for first period students to find poems. Click on the Poets and Poetry tab and it will give you a drop down menu. There you can click poets and it allows you to browse through the alphabet of the last names of poets. It is not the easiest site to navigate, but if you look around you can find what you need. Remember that you need to pick a poem of at least 15 lines. You can read it to the class any day next week except Tuesday. Here is the link: Poets.org

MIT students teaching k-12 concepts. There are not a ton of videos here yet, but they appear to be adding more each day.
MIT + K12

Make or Break Verbs
The Flight From Conversation

Here is the assignment for 4, 6, and 7. Sorry I did not get it on the site sooner.

Good talk on poetry. Watched this one in first and 4, 6, and 7 will watch it next week.

It's better to be happy:

Stuff You've Created

Rules for Writing-This is a combo of first and fourth periods lists, so there may be overlap.
Caesar Projects-Great job on these projects!

Some links that may help you find new ideas...

Ted Talks
I can't begin to tell you how much I have gained from watching these talks. So many great thinkers sharing so many great ideas.
Very similar to the Ted talks, but with a visualization in the form of white board doodling.
MIT Open Courseware
Get an education from one of the most elite institutions on the planet, all for free.
Khan Academy
Lots of academic help in a clear, simple, and visual format.
This American Life
The best show on the radio, hands down. They are an hour long, but some really great stuff here. Podcasts available for free.

And then there are just things that I find enjoyable...

Dean's Page
I will try to keep up with all of the things I share in class with you here (heavy emphasis on the word try).

Random work of art...
external image colour-pensils-1550x413.jpg

Get Smart

Sat Word o' the Day
Gateway Prep