So for this book project I choose the book 1984 by George Orwell. I chose this book because it interested me when I read what this book was about. It's about the author's, George Orwell, interpretation of the future. It was written in 1948 and it interested me in what his interpretation of the future would be like because 1984 has come and gone. I asked a friend if he had read or heard about the book and he said he had heard it was a good read. I found this book on goodreads.com, and it is more of a scietific fiction book. This type or writing or literature is the style that i like. Also Mr. Dean refrenced it in class and it sounded like a book I would be interested in reading.

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In the first couple chapters of this book, the main character, Winston Smith illustrates in his mind to an extent where they are not in control of their own minds. As he strives towards freedom from this totalitarian government the citizens of the territory known as Oceania are always being influenced about how great the Party is by telescreens through propaganda. All of the citizens are required to attend a Two Minutes Hatred daily. This is a mass rally where the Party bashes upon Oceania's rival nations. When i read this i instantly thought of it like the citizens of oceania were being brainwashed through mind control through telesceens by the government.

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In the book the government that is present in this nation called Oceania, there is a totalitarian type of government. This is similar to a dictatorship in the fact that it is a total dictatoship. One party has all the power and individuals have no rights. this form of government is very rare and does not occur often. A couple examples of totalitorian governments were the Soviet Union for a while, but then the went away from thier totalitorian view. Also another example would be Nazi Germany.

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A term or phrase that is mentioned quite a few times in the early stages of this book is the phrase "Down With Big Brother." The main character Winston Smith has it written on his walls to his staircase in his homeand sees it as he is walking up each flight of stairs. i think that this connects with the idea of the totalitarian form of g;overnment present in the book. Since one party has all the power they are considered to be the "Big Brother." And in a way the citizens are considered to be the little brother and do what is told of the big brother. With all of the propaganda signs all on the telscreens, the government is saying do what we tell you to do or else.

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When reading 1984 the main character Winston Smith, possess this diary in which he writes in it secretly. This reminded me of how during WWII Anne Frank had a diary in which she wrote in when hiding from the Nazi's.

The term " Down with Big Brother" in this book is used alot. It reminded me of this time my friend was trying to get passed this level on call of duty called Big Brother.
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There is a lot of talk of citizens being brainwashed with all of the propaganda being continusly played on the telescreens. The citizens are not allowed to have free thinking. So this reminded me of it.

This picture is how i see Oceania. I visualise in my head everytime i think of this nation of a city with giant TV screens with someone watching every signle action a person is doing.
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At the end of the book when Winston Smith is being tortured in Room 101, he is strapped in this chair and a cage of rats is put up next to his face. His biggest fear is rats. O'Brien threatens to release him at his face if he doesnt start liking Big Brother. So he gives in and begs for him to stop. The chair that they strapped him into reminded me of an electric chair.
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When Winston is brought into this room called Room 101 to be tortured, the author described it as a dark creepy room. i got this picture in my head with this room being dark and musty with rats crawling on the floors. I also imaged that the walls were all rusted and it was an old place.

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This movie is similar to the book 1984. A totalitarian government is elected to Parliament and there are secret police that are trying to stop V. Just like in George Orwell's 1984, a totalitarian government is in place and the citizens are at their will. The main character in 1984, Winston Smith, tries to rebel from the Party just as V does in V for Vendetta.