I chose the book A Farwell to Arms by Ernest Hemmingway because of a tv show I watched a few weeks ago. It may seem like a strange way to become interested in a man such as Hemmingway, but while an episode of Pawn Stars was airing a man attempted to sell a singed copy of A Farwell to Arms. The show went into deep detail about what kind of personality Ernest Hemmingway had. They described him as a "man's man", and told of his expierences as an ambulance driver during World War One. They went on to explain that his experiences occured throughout his books which interigued me. I did not read for enjoyment though, so while I considered reading the book and seeing for myself whether or not I liked Hemmingways works, I decided that I did not want to start something I knew that I would not finish. But when asked to choose a book for this class, I immediately knew that I wanted to read a Hemmnigway book. A Farwell to Arms only seemed appriate as the book to choose.

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Kazuya Akimoto

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World War 1 nurse's ad

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I think its interesting to know that Hemmingway's books were based on his life experiences. I think the fact that he didn't just pull his stories out of thin air, but instead uses his tours in Italy to write this book makes the book that much more valuable.

While reading this book, i noticed that the relationship between Lieutenant Henry and nurse Barkley is a lot like the relationship between Leanardo di Caprio and his nurse in the movie Catch Me if You Can.

This Ansel Adam's picture is what I imagined the Italian mountains that Hemmingway desribed to look like

This scene is what I imagine the soldiers to be like throughout most of the book. Not doing much at all, just making the most of their time laughing and joking about anything they can.

Reminded me of the preist in the beginning and shows the mood of the book

This is what I thought of when Henry ran away from his platoon to see catherine. Even though there were no explosions or anything of that sort, It must have been a risky decision