A Tree Grows In Brooklyn- Betty SmithThe day I found out we were doing a book project, I knew just the person to go to for a book recomendation, my mom. Her hobby is readin and has over a huindred books in the house and knows just what kinds of books I'm interested in. The first thing she said after I asked her what book to read was "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn". It's her all time favorite book and she believed I would love it too and be perfect for my project.

Weeping Willow Tree
When I was little, my neighbors had a medium-sized weepeing willow in their backyard. When we would play outside, we would run in, out, through, and around that tree. We loved that it could hide us from everything in the world and nobody could see us. What reminded me of this is that Francie in the book, sits on her fireescape that is almost fully covered by a tree,and reads books. She loves to sit out there and read because it makes her feel like she's sitting in the tree and away from the world. This reminded me of when we used to play in the WeepingWillow tree.

Crazy Joe Devola- Seinfeld
February 8, 2012

For some odd reason this scene from Seinfeld popped into my head while I was reading this book. Francie, the main character, was telling about Flossie and her costumes. She was telling how she felt like there was always something hidden behind the costumes, like a skeleton. But for some reason I thought of a clown, and you never know truely who or what is under a clown's costume. And in this scene in Seinfeld, Kramer had no idea that it was Crazy Joe Devola.

RunnerFebruary 8, 2012
external image runnerbycarldeukerbookreview.jpg
In the book, Francie's father is an alcholic but is very loving and he knows that he is not being the father he wants to be. This reminded me of a book I read awhile ago called "Runner". In the book "Runner", the character, Chance Taylor, has a drunken dad and is very grown up for a kid.

Goodbye Dixie- Corey SmithFebruary 8, 2012

In this book, Francie's dad is an alcoholic and whistles and sings while he is home. He sings songs a lot, and one of them reminded me of my favorite country-music singer's songs, Goodbye Dixie. It's about the South and slavery but the song her dad sings sings talks about African Americans too and it just remdinded me of it."... a field of snowy white.Hear the darkies singing soft and lowI long there to be, for someone waits for me,Down where the cotton blossoms blow."

AustriaFebruary 9, 2012
In this book, Francie's grandfather and grandmother are Austrian immigrants. Her grandfather was very stubborn and grumpy and this reminded me of my grandfather, who I call Opa. This is German for grandfather. My Opa and Oma are straight off the boat from Austria, although they are Croatian. They were forced to move to Austria during the war when they were children. My Opa is a very stubborn man and will say whatever comes to his mind, but he is still very loving.

The Trouble with AngelsFebruary 14th, 2012
In my book, Francie's aunt was forced to become a Nun by her parents. This reminded me of the movie The Trouble with Angels that I watched with my mom one time. For some odd reason this just popped into my head with the connection of Nuns.

ButcherFebruary 15th, 2012
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Throughout the book, Francie is sent to the Jewish Butcher and store in Brooklyn. Whenever she goes, the description of the store reminds me of the Italian store near my grandparents house. It's a great, local store with great meat. It's a family worked store, and the way the workers act reminds me of the Jewish stores in the book.

Mimicking and Accents
February 15th, 2012
external image kangaroo.jpg
Francie's Aunt Evy was always very talented at mimicking people. My brother is very talented at this also, he can listen to a man's voice and mimick it pretty darn well. He's also very good at talking with an Australian accent. One time, while he was visiting a beach in Floride, he convinced an Australian man that he was an Australian fisherman.

Miss Mary MacFebruary 15th, 2012In this book, Francie's dad sings another song, but this time it reminded me of a game my friends and I used to play. It was called Miss Mary Mac, it was a hand game. It went:"Miss Mary Mack Mack MackAll dressed in black, black, blackWith silver buttons, buttons, buttonsAll down her back, back, back.She asked her mother, mother, motherFor 50 cents, cents, centsTo see the elephants, elephants, elephantsJump over the fence, fence, fence.They jumped so high, high, highThey reached the sky, sky, skyAnd they didn't come back, back, back'Til the 4th of July, ly, ly!"The way the song went reminded me of this song, even though I wasn't able to remember all the lyrics.

Long form article
February 15th, 2012

February 15th, 2012In this book, Francie visits Confession at Church with her friend. She walks you through what she did at Confession. This reminded me of my first Confession when I was 10, at my First Communion. That was an amazing memory and was definitely the first thing that popped into my head while reading it.