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If you please, go to the discussion forum on this page and comment intelligently on the topic "Video Games." It MAY sound really lame or stupid or nerdy or any other stereotypical jargonized insulting name you can think of, but I'm simply curious on A. The percentage of people in our average Gifted-Labled class that agree and/or disagree with video games (yes, it can be both) and B.The thoughts of all you people on them. SO DO IT!
By the way, seperating the two A and B may seem redundant, as they are basically the same thing, but whatever. I know they are and I don't really give a hoot. Like a mute owl. Unless that offends you. In that case I'm sorry that you don't see the humor. But it is sad. I agree. So are random fragmented sentences or sentences that drag on until the point when they become run on sentences and break into other things that really should be seperate posts like the one time when I went to the ice cream shoppe and they gave me some ice cream and it was good and I got candy there two and eye deesyedid thaht eye shood git mor four mye munee so eye askd the peepl ther if thae hahd mor buht thae sed no so eye wus sad and eye wint hom too go sleep sum mor thin eye had the nite beefohr. It is aslo iternesting how yuor barin can raed cterain tihgns wthiuot raednig the wlohe wrod. (This is so difficult to wirte, by the way.) When people use i instead of I, it is sad. When people use your when describing people or where someone is going, instead of the correct you're, as in "you are," it is upsetting to me. Oh well, no use fretting. Spilt milk and all that.

There is a new word on the block, made by me, with assistance from my aunt and brother. It means "the study of grammar, spelling, word use/pronunciation and sentence structure in the modern era." The word is "Neogrammaticsytactilexicovocabularianism."
Pronounced Nee-oh-grahm-aht-ikh-sin-tahk-tih-lehks-i-coh-voh-cahb-yoo-layhr-ee-ahn-ihs-uhm.

Is there anything here to click on? Huh, probably nothing here. Maybe if I try on the next one? Nope, still nothing here.
Isn't it interesting how blue means "I can click on this and go somewhere else? So much so that I hesitate to ever use the color blue on my posts. Or purple, like the above post, giving people a Deja Vu moment. ‍‍‍‍‍"Did I already click that before ? Guess not..." ‍‍‍‍‍Yep.

Ok, so I'm going to put this at the bottom of the page for fear of judgment by people who have OBVIOUSLY never seen the show. "The show" being MLP: FIM. I know all of us who call ourselves "Bronies" or "Pegasisters" think it's AWESOME, but we need to come up with some concrete reasons why this is so. Go to the post.