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Washington glorified
Art Gallery
Revolution art
Has Picture of all the millitary conflicts the untied staes eer has been in


Honorable Soldiers
In this picture the ameican soldier is showed as fear less and willing to die for there independence

has ALL and every picture and event that happened durring the revolution including non miltart actions and milttary ones too

Washing Crossing the delaware

In this picture it is apparent that the american soldier is seen as heroic. I suppose that all the soldiers that fought in the revolutionary war are always seen as heroic
to promote war aganist england. which is really just war probaganda .

Alvaro Ampuero
Mr. Dean
Honors American Literature
September 21, 2011

The American soldier during the American Revolution time period was depicted as heroic. All the patriot artist of the time glorified anyone who served in the fight for independence against the

British. The time of the birth of this great nation it was very important to get everyone on the bandwagon against the British. In literature Thomas Paine wrote "common sense" in a effort to opens

the colonists eyes to what the British where doing. The same way artist of the time helped the war effort by portraying these soldiers as heroic. Artists like H.A. Ogden Painted art work of American

soldiers at their best. Emanuel Leutze's painting of Washington is so well known even today. Leutze's painted General George Washington crossing the Delaware and many believe this painting if

far from the reality of the crossing. In the painting Washington and his men have all the focus of the light fading through the clouds but in reality they crossed during the night time and there was no

light. There are diary accounts which tell us that even though there was a full moon that night it was covered by the clouds. This makes it obvious that the artist was either ignorant of the facts or

was intentionally trying to glorify Washington and his troops.