Pages that may be of benefit to you while working on various assignments:

Vocab Grabber
Amazing page that takes a text you paste and creates a vocab list from the words. Click on a word in the list, get a definition and the word in context.
Online bookmarking site that helps you keep up with all the cool stuff you discover on the web.
Easiest way to create podcasts that I have found on the web. You will use podcasting this year, so hopefully this is a site you like.
Create crazy videos out of your pictures and music. Talk with me if you want to use this for a project.
Forget powerpoint. Prezi is a way to create a slideshow that is web-based and can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.
Cool web tool that will allow you to create a word cloud from a given document.
Online collaboration tool. I have not used it, but it seems like it might be of benefit.
Online video and audio. Record narrations to go along with pictures/videos. Super cool site.
Another online collaboration tool. Easily upload files to what is essentially a bulletin board on the web.
Online binder that allows you to store links and files.
Wolfram Alpha
Search for stuff your brain can't figure out.
Share documents, videos, presentations.
Free online photo editing software. Add text, effects, crop, rotate, you know stuff that photo editing software does.
Really only good if you have a new computer. But it goes through the process of adding whatever software add-ons you need.
Shorten up those long pesky links.
Khan Academy
Crazy math help.

Pages I enjoy...

Life Hacker
Really cool info on just about anything you might ever want to do.
Some of the most innovative people on the planet sharing their ideas through speeches of 20 minutes or less. Probably my favorite place on the web.
Dean's Tumblr
Can't access at school, so I don't use it much. That said, tumblr is a sleek way to share info, pictures, music, etc.

Pages to find articles, readings, supplemental texts, and other things you can use for my class:

This should be your first place to search. It is a database that you can access only at school. There are a wealth of full-text options that from reputable sources and authors.
Reading Companion
This will be a place to go and find contemporary works, sources for writing on current issues, and substantial places from the internet, rather than databases.
The New Yorker
A place for some fresh ideas on current society along with works of contemporary fiction. Unfortunately, there is a limited amount of content you can access without being a magazine subscriber.
Good Reads
Looking for a good book? Look no further. This site is one of the coolest I have come across lately.
CHHS MC Recommends
This is a blog about YA books that the folks at the Collins Hill media center put together. Good titles for all types.
Creative Commons
Stuff you can legally rip off and modify