Oldies, goodies, and assignments...

For 3/23

Here is a link to the This American Life retraction. We listened to the first two parts, but there is a third part that might be of interest to you.


James Cameron (Titanic, Terminator) heads to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Short video of his visit.

For Friday March 9
Not necessarily something that you need to do, but I thought some of you might be interested in this. I am not supporting or dismissing either the author of this articles ideas or those of the organization Invisible Children by posting this. Just wanted you to see one perspective on the viral campaign of Kony 2012. If someone finds a counter-argument, feel free to place it here.
For Wednesday March 7
Make sure you are done with Chapter 6 by tomorrow. Also, go to the discussion page, post a question, and engage in a few conversations.
For Monday March 5
Make sure you have read Chapter 5. We will have a quiz that will cover the whole book.
I tried to do an embed on this, but wikispaces wasn't having it. Here is an interesting Daily Show interview about the importance of science and space travel.
We talked about military budgets the other day in class. Here is a graph that breaks down our spending compared with other countries. I think I gave misinformation in saying that our budget was more than the rest of the world's combined defense spending.
For Friday March 2
Complete the paragraph over Chapter 4. Find a quote that focuses on human nature, the nature of one of the boys, or the nature of the group and write a well-developed paragraph that discusses the quote.
For Thursday March 1
No Homework tonight
For Wednesday February 29
No homework tonight
For Tuesday February 28-
Be done with Chapter 3 of Lord of the Flies.
For Monday February 27
Make sure you read Chapter 2 before Monday. I am super sick and may not be at school again tomorrow, but look forward to discussing the book when I get back. You can post any questions you have about what is going on here.
For Friday February 24
Go to your wiki page and create a new page for Lord of the Flies. Do NOT label it as Lord of the Flies Page. You should label it with LOTF and then your user name. So, mine would be LOTF-andrewdean1. Go ahead and put the dash in there for giggles. I will check that this is done by tomorrow (Friday the 24).

Reader Response Discussion Board


Relax my friend, you got this. It is not too hard, just use your brain.
I am interested in looking at the ways in which you respond to texts. Where does your brain go when you read? Obviously I can't answer that question because I don't have access to your brain, so I am putting the onus on you to pay attention to what is happening in your head as you go through your book. Some of you have stated that you feel like it is forced. You are approaching it from the wrong angle if this is how you feel. Rather than read a few pages, stop, search the web, and post, you should read, pay attention to what connections are happening while you read, jot those down periodically, and then post. And remember, it doesn't just have to be articles, pictures, songs, etc. It can be personal anecdotes or it could be a poetic response. It may even just be some ramblings that come of your head as a result of the reading. Just pay attention to what your brain is doing to make meaning of the text and post that.

A follow up on Nightline to the piece we listened to on Fox Conn; thought some of ya'll might be interested. Here's a full article about the program and Foxconn. (Compliments of Kim from 6th period).
This is an interesting page that looks at ways of creating non-violent metaphors. It does not give a very clear explanation of what it is trying to achieve, but you might get an idea if you look down to the bottom of the page and look at the examples. The author makes a distinction between violent and non-violent metaphors. Essentially, the violent metaphors focus on destruction and the non-violent focus on creation. We will probably look at this in class, but take a peak if you are interested.
A lot of you guys liked this one...

What science says about morning routines...
Why Morning Routines Are Curiousity Killers

And on the opposite end of the spectrum from the antennae video from Tuesday...
Open Your Mouth and You're Dead
How about a shock to the brain...


I showed this to one of the classes and thought some of you might be interested. It is an interesting piece on what happens when one of the world's greatest violinists plays in the subway in DC.
Pearls Before Breakfast

And some video...

For any of you that would like a terrifying job...

You call this art? The Whitney Museum in New York does.
Super Mario Clouds
Article that explains his work:
A Muse in the Machine: Click. Create.

Read this now...
Facebook is Using You